African Americans In The Making Of America

On July 4, 2026 something phenomenal will occur in our country, and every American is an important part of it. On that day, the United States of America will commemorate its 250th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence, the Semiquincentennial.

It has been said that history is a collection of experiences based on “His story and Her story.” During this time, as the world becomes more aware of the story of America’s 250 years, Black America 250™ will showcase the legacy of African Americans in this country by amplifying the triumphs, resilience and resourcefulness that Black people have demonstrated in the making of this nation. 

While attempts are being made to suppress, distort, and even totally erase African American history, every state and many cities across the country are proudly sharing the sites, venues, events and personalities from their areas that represent African American heritage and prominence in the American Story. Black America 250™ connects you to these “cultural treasures”.

Plan Your Trip To Enjoy “A Journey Of A Lifetime”

  • HEAR the Authentic Sounds of Jazz in NYC, NY, Motown & Gospel in Detroit’s Hitsville USA, and true “down home” Blues on iconic Beale Street in Memphis, TN

  • WALK in the footsteps of a Nobel Prize winning King at the Martin Luther King Jr. national memorial in Washington, DC.

  • FOLLOW the trails of the black military rangers known as the buffalo soldiers who patrolled California’s Majestic Yosemite national Park in the early 1900s.

  • JOIN a team of black scuba divers in a community called Africa Town, outside of Mobile, Alabama to explore the recently discovered sunken remains of the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to enter U.S. shores.

  • RELIVE the extraordinary lives and MARVEL at the amazing works of legendary African American Artists, Athletes, Scholars, Educators, Soldiers, Entertainers, Scientists, and Politicians.